Fulfill your taste desires here.... - Turkey meatballs
Wanda's All In One Sauce, LLC -
                   2 lb Ground Turkey
                    1 Small onion diced
                    1 Small Green Pepper diced
                    3 Tsb, Garlic Power
                    2 Tsb Black Pepper
                    6 Tsb, Wanda's Dry Rub                   
                    1/2 Cup Wanda's Sauce   
                    1/2 Cup Green Olive
                    1/2 cup crush pineapple
Heat your skillet and add your onion and pepper
In a bowl add your turkey, black pepper, and garlic power,
and dry rub, crush pineapple. Mixed well. make up meatball in small sizes.
Cook your meatball until done. Drain all excess grease from pan.
Add all ingredients together and cook for twenty minutes
Yeild 6 to 8 Serving.